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Marshal Kids Slim Genuien Leather Coin Pouch Bifold Compact Wallet (Brown)



A leather kids' slim thin coin pouch bifold wallet is a compact wallet designed for children, typically made from leather or synthetic materials. It's called "slim" and "thin" because it's designed to be small and easy to carry, especially for kids who don't need a lot of space for cards and cash.
  • Material: The wallet is made of genuine high-quality leather, which adds to its durability and classic appearance.
  • Credit Card Slots: It includes 4 or more credit card slots, providing enough space for a child to store their essential cards like ID, school IDs, or other cards.
  • Coin Pocket: The coin pocket is a practical feature for storing loose change securely, making it easier for kids to manage their money.
  • Bill Compartment: A bill compartment is included, allowing the wallet to hold folded paper currency.
  • Size: When closed, the wallet measures approximately 3 inches in height and 4 inches in length, which is in line with the slim and compact design typical of kids' wallets.
  • Stylish and Cute: The wallet is designed to be stylish and cute, making it an attractive accessory for children. This can make it a desirable gift option for kids.


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